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Juniperus chinensis itoigawa 18050183 Juniperus chinensis itoigawa 18050183 R ref : 9920 Exceptional bonsaï for collectors. Height of the tree without its pot : 210 mm. Width of the branches : 290 mm. Non-enamelled pottery with an artisanal quality brown brick coloring of : 160 x 130 x 60 mm. Moyogi style. Strong trunk of about 40/50 mm. Juniper with a graceful silhouette, a shari on its twisted trunk and some jins. itoigawa species with its canopy green scales well-colored particularly vigorous and perfectly adapted to the bonsai cultivation. Unlike the juniperus chinensis type, it only loses little foliage at the beginning of summer. Composed of a formed bark because this tree is aged of more than 30/35 years old. Not any strong wire or cutting injury. From Master Tomoya Nishikawa's father's nurseries, formed it since the cutting: in 35 years old it has always been re poted every two years old in the same pot size! It's a personal selection by Master Tomoya Nishikawa : Itoigawa species with particularly short scales. Exceptional subject! True bonsai with jin and native shari, do not confuse with the tanuki ones. Recently formed on February 2018 with copper wire by Master Tomoya Nishikawa. Re poted on april 2016, you will have to do it again in april 2019. Admire the knotted trunk that makes that tree unique. Do you already have the complete book on junipers ? The whitening with jin liquid of the dead trunks softly colored with charcoal will give a beautiful ash coloring. Shelf non-included. These pictures were taken in may 2018. 2.485,00 order
1 2 3 4       results 21 - 40 / 75

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