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Advice - General

What is a bonsai?
A bonsai is a living tree grown in a pot, the above-ground part of which is regularly shaped in order to maintain aesthetic proportions similar to the species’ appearance in its natural environment.
What is a so-called “indoor” bonsai?
A tree shaped from a tropical or semitropical species that can tolerate our indoor environments.
Is it difficult to take care of an indoor bonsai?

No, as long as you check on it regularly, especially with regard to watering, and that you fertilise it regularly to keep it healthy.

Can I put my bonsai in the living room?
Yes, as long as it gets enough light and is not placed in a draft. The amount of light decreases quickly as you move away from a window. A room that you think is well-lit may already be too dark for a bonsai or any plant. You should always place your bonsais near a window.
Can all bonsai be kept indoors?

No, some types stay outdoors all year. They behave just like their counterparts in nature. So-called "indoor" bonsais are tropical or semitropical species that need a special climate (a warm one), like we create artificially inside our houses.

Do I need to fertilise my bonsai?

Yes, fertilising is critical to maintain it in good health. Among the products we have selected is the professional line of Biogold fertilisers, which you can find in our catalogue. (Fertilisers)

I’m just starting with bonsais. Which species should I start with?
Indoor or outdoor, depending on your preferences and situation. For indoors, the ficuses are known as the easiest. For outdoors, a deciduous species like the maples, for example, will be easier to start with.
Is there such a thing as bonsai seeds?
There is no such thing as bonsai seeds, only seeds of trees that can be grown using bonsai cultivation techniques.
Can I grow a bonsai from seeds?
Yes, just choose species with small leaves, small flowers or small fruits. Seedbeds make it possible in a few years’ time to grow a number of trees at the lowest cost.

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The Japanese Bonsai specialist
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