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Help - Frequently asked questions

My caddy is empty at all time ?

Change the settings of your browser Internet Explorer in middle position, as shown in this link.

Or use another navigator as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

How can I check the progress of my order?
You can check the progress of your order at any time in the “My Orders” area of your account.
An order has one of four statuses:

- Pending payment: The order has been received but not yet paid, or we have not yet received your cheque.
- Being processed: The order is being processed at the nursery.
- Shipped: The order has been turned over to the shipping company.
- Cancelled: We have cancelled the order.
How will I know if my order has really been received?
You will get an automatic email if your order has been received. If you don’t, your order has not been registered.
What do I do if I realize I’ve made a mistake in my order?

In France, call

04 74 55 23 48

as soon as possible so our customer service can change your order.

Can I track the progress of my order?
Yes, if you have an account, in the “My Orders” section. Otherwise, we will alert you automatically by email when your order is shipped.
How can i get an invoice ?
Go in "my account" and choose invoice then you can either to download it either to print it immediately.
Do you have a paper catalogue?
You can browse the catalogue online, or download a PDF version – just print it out.
Downloading catalogues.
If I need help with a product, who should I talk to?

In France, you can call our customer service department on 33  4 74 55 23 48 for assistance (the easiest way) or you can send us an email from anywhere you are. You can also send us some pictures of your tree by email(pictures taken in front of a clear background with clear view of the foliage for advice about illnesses and parasites).

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?

Yes, our nursery is located in the town of Relevant in the Ain department of France, but we are open only by

appointment in order to welcome you in the best way.


How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Just click on the "unsubscribe” link at the end of the newsletter that you’ve received.
If I return package without having contacted after sales service, what happens?
Your package will be refused and no reimbursement will be made.
The maple that I received is a little different from the photos found on internet or in the books.

A plant is a living organism, and of this fact, it reacts with the middle in which it evolves. He/it is therefore normal that according to the brightness, the substratum or the care brought, of the individuals of a same variety, especially when they are young, present some morphological differences (color, size, or shape of leaves for example).

Besides, a book, all as internet, is a source of information that can sometimes prove to be or even wave erroneous as for the information that find themselves of it. We are specialist of the Japanese maples since more of thirty years and we work with other Japanese, European and American nurserymen, in order to correct possible mistakes of nomenclature or variety.

Secure payment

Secure payment


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Logo maillot-bonsai
The Japanese Bonsai specialist
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