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The Japanese Bonsai specialist

Help - First visit

I’m visiting this site for the first time.
On Maillot-Bonsaï, we use a simplified navigation system so you can find exactly what you need fast.

On the site's home page you will find:

- Our categories of items to the left – click on a category to see all the items it contains.

- Items we classify as rare, new, promotional or favourites are in the middle.

- To the upper right of the page is the product search engine.

If you already know what product you’re looking for, just type the name or reference number in the search field.
For example, if you type “pinus”, all items that have the word “pinus” in their title or description will be displayed.

- At the very top of the page,
in the middle is the shopping cart. This contains all the items you have selected as part of your order.
to the right you've got quick-access links to your account, subscription to newsletters and the FAQ.

The special thing about maillot-bonsai.com is that you can seamlessly continue shopping on maillot-erable.com.
All you have to do is click on the maple leaf in the lower left corner and your shopping cart follows you to Maillot-Erable.
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Regarding the store:
The layout of the home page is the same except that the central section features products.
Each item is presented in its own frame with all of the pertinent information: name of item, photo, price in Euros, etc.
Each item also has a “details” page that you can access by clicking on either the name of the item or its photo.
Ordering is very simple. You just click on the “order” button and the selected item is placed in your virtual shopping cart. You can then either add more items to your cart or complete your order.

The next step is logging in, or filling in the form (first name, last name, address, etc.) which provides us with your contact information so we can deliver your products. Your order is finalized when you receive an order number.

Secure payment

Secure payment


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Logo maillot-bonsai
The Japanese Bonsai specialist
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