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Mini bonsai le genevrier K Gun juniperus- shinpaku mini bonsai Mini bonsai le genevrier K Gun juniperus
ref : 3216
shinpaku mini bonsai. The fabulous book of Mr Kyosuke Gun finally in French version!137 pages of very explicit drawings, comic strips of clear diagrams and pictures culturaux will allow you to follow the evolution of your [...]
24.00 Order
fagus crenata from seedling- Fagus crenata fagus crenata from seedling
ref : 1095
Fagus crenata. Real beech notched of Japan has confound with the fagus sylvatica beech of Europe.  Descended of delivered seedling 2/3 years in plastic pot of 1 liter. Scion of a height to the delivery of + -15/20 [...]
12.00 temporarily out of stock
ref : 7630
Outside measurements: 300*250*75 mm. Interior measurements: 260*210*55 mm. Coloration: navy blue.
18.00 Order
Pinus pentaphylla du Japon ref :16090131- pinus pentaphylla Pinus pentaphylla du Japon ref :16090131
Rare item
ref : 8015
pinus pentaphylla. Height: 670 mm * 840 mm. Japanese non enameled pottery of: 464*344*122 mm. Short and bluish needles. Style moyogi. Bonsai aged of more than 45 years original of the nurseries of Angyo Mr Mori, well [...]
2,820.00 Order
1 Nylon brush curved.- Brosse pour bonsaï 1 Nylon brush curved.
ref : 4307
Brosse pour bonsaï. Brush made of nylon with his/her/its hooked tip, 220 millimeters. To clean the branches and trunks, jin and shari as well as the nébari of your bonsai.Shape curve for an access to the branchings, [...]
10.00 Order
Copper watering can 1.8 liter Copper watering can 1.8 liter
ref : 4338
Real watering-can for bonsaï imported from Japan. Countenance 1.8 liter. Ø of vat 130 mm Height 130 mm. Length of beak 450 mm. SOLD WITH 1 APPLE and 1 beak spout. Tidy traditional work, well [...]
98.00 Order
Copper watering noozle.345 mm Copper watering noozle.345 mm
ref : 4355
Size 345 mm. Connect direct to your hose.The best one. Used by many bonsai nursery man in Japan.
37.00 Order
Aluminium wire 80 gr. 2 mm Aluminium wire 80 gr. 2 mm
ref : 4394
For wiring branches. Diameter 2 mm . = 9 meter. For all kinds of bonsai trees.
5.00 Order
Mastic a cicatriser cut pasta 500 gr. Mastic a cicatriser cut pasta 500 gr.
ref : 4411
My favorite! Try me on an Acer! Limp familliale of 500 grams. Keep himself a long time without deterioration. With healing hormones. The most beautiful fast skinnings thanks to this product known of [...]
38.00 Order
Transplant sickle- Serpette de rempotage Transplant sickle
ref : 4429
Serpette de rempotage. To take the trees out of the pots in edges. Very convenient. Also to cut up the clod on quoted them and on the underside. Iron is set in the handle made of wood. English Channel that assures a very [...]
23.00 Order
Twig scissor 155 mm- Ciseaux droits Japon 155 mm Twig scissor 155 mm
ref : 4439
Ciseaux droits Japon 155 mm. Scissors for the size of the small branches. New Genzo model of superior quality. Japanese manufacture. Length 155 mm. Perfectly adapted to the size of the rhododendrons and acers. Size of the fine [...]
35.00 Order
Bonsaï scissor.180 MM Bonsaï scissor.180 MM
ref : 4441
Lenght 180 millimeter. Made in Japan. For branches , roots.
29.00 Order
Graver for jin. Graver for jin.
ref : 4446
Tool for écorçage of the jin and shari. Tip of shape rounded V in extremity to recreate the veins of wood. Deciding quality, Japanese forged manufacture. Used for écorcer of the branches and [...]
25.00 Order
Concave cutter 210 mm Concave cutter 210 mm
ref : 4462
Quality Japanese 210 millimeters. For branches of Ø section 10/15 mm. To cut the big branches cleanly. Deciding end, assure a clean and clean cut. Good hold in hand Japanese manufacture.To apply the [...]
40.00 Order
Wind Bell G50 Wind Bell G50
ref : 4663
4.5 * 3.9 centimeter. Wind bell for your home or for your garden. A fresh note in summer.
9.00 temporarily out of stock
Stone lantern 200 cm Stone lantern 200 cm
ref : 4750
Lantern of Japanese garden made of real granite, height 200 cm. Width 70 centimeters. Weight 430 kilograms in 5 elements. Model pierced capable to receive a bulb to illuminate it.Possible expedition [...]
620.00 Order
B1 rond ivoire B1 rond ivoire
ref : 4878
5.00 Order
Tokoname 16f26 Tokoname 16f26
ref : 5009
Outside measurements: Ø 190*30 mm. Interior measurements: Ø 175*26 mm.
46.40 Order
ref : 5062
Outside measurements: 210*165*60 mm. Interior measurements: 180*135*45 mm. Coloration: ivory.
10.00 Order
akadama soil big bag 17 liter bag akadama soil big bag 17 liter bag
ref : 5269
Akadama is the real japanese soil for all deciduous trees, conifer, and caducs trees type.One bag +- 17 liter soil weight +- 8.15 kilos. You can use this soil with many species with some gravel or [...]
26.00 Order
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